Project Management

Health IT projects often come with some big difficulties in the form of technical complexity, tight budgets and strict deadlines. The key to improving the odds for a successful health IT implementation is to build on the capability of people who have healthcare industry knowledge and experience, and who have worked on similar health IT projects before.

Our project managers have vast experience and extensive backgrounds in both healthcare and IT, enabling them to have a firm understanding of the nature of your business and the solution that is best suited to your organisation. They can provide invaluable assistance and advice regarding implementation services for all our products and can not only drive the direction of projects, but also manage the expectations of all project stakeholders.

Having strong project management from the start of a project can help overcome the challenges and complexity that are intrinsic to healthcare, and ensure the successful delivery of all the benefits health IT promises.

Project management services

We take a customer-centric approach to project management services. A permanent project manager is assigned to each customer, providing an integrated and cohesive project management service. This strategy ensures our project managers have invaluable background information about their customers, their systems and their staff from the beginning and promotes more productive and enhanced working relationships.

Investment in the on-going professional development of our project management team is a high priority. Our project management processes are compliant with PMBOK and ISO 9001, enabling us to provide a high quality and professional project management service.

Consultancy and development services

For specific system solutions, we can provide consultancy and development services on a chargeable basis. Customers can discuss their solution needs with their account manager or project manager. Our application specialists and business analysts can also be called upon to make sure the customer business need is correctly identified, and the best fit, most scalable and cost-effective Sysmex solution is identified.

Request for service

Following on from our consultancy and development services, we also offer a ‘request for service’ (RFS) facility. This service can be provided on a fixed price or time and materials basis and is managed by the project manager, in collaboration with the customer, from initial request to delivery.

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