Clinical Data Repository

The Eclair Clinical Data Repository (CDR) is a relational database that interacts with multiple information systems to retrieve and store diagnostic and clinical data from primary and secondary care services. This ensures each and every relevant patient report or event is stored patient-centrically in the CDR, creating the foundation for the Electronic Health Record, and a single source of truth.EclairCDR

  • Laboratory and pathology requests and results, enhanced by trend tracking and images
  • Radiology procedures – requests and reports, with links to diagnostic images stored in a separate imaging system
  • Cardiology  procedures – requests and reports
  • Blood products requested and issued to patients for transfusion
  • Clinical documents and discharge summaries
  • Details of the patient’s hospital admission, including location, bed number and care providers
  • Patient demographics and health status, including problem lists, diagnoses, alerts and allergies and any additional information
  • Growth data charted against WHO standards
  • Additional data and clinical calculations, images, documents and observations captured via clinical forms
  • Lists of dispensed medications

  Case Studies

Northern Regional CDR, New Zealand – The Eclair CDR is shared across multiple sites in the northern region to create a comprehensive, regional patient record, giving healthcare providers access to complete and accurate patient information, no matter where care was provided.

Community pharmacy role in shared care – The sharing of community pharmacy dispensing information in the Auckland region’s Eclair CDR has facilitated the role of community pharmacists in shared patient care, helping to ensure accuracy and patient safety.

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**Eclair is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**