Delphic LIS

Delphic The Delphic LIS is the backbone for the medical laboratory – streamlining all processes with accuracy, efficiency and reliability. Delphic optimises the workflow of the lab and is suitable for single-site facilities through to multi-site regional systems across integrated networks.

Delphic has continued to evolve over the last three decades resulting in an innovative, best-of-breed LIS used by leading laboratories.

From the initial test request to results reporting and delivery Delphic supports the medical laboratory team through every step of the workflow, providing end-to-end, complete lab information management.

Built on proven, robust technologies the Delphic LIS utilises Smart Client, web-based products and Unix and Oracle databases. It complies with pathology messaging standards.

Delphic’s core system is complemented by a range of specialised modules, offering complete customisation to all medical and diagnostic laboratory disciplines.

Key features

  • Library of automation instrument interfaces enabling greater flexibility
  • Complete electronic messaging for request and report management
  • Advanced business intelligence tools for laboratory management
  • Seamless integration with EHR, CDR, HIS, PMS and clinical messaging systems
  • Efficient operation on a simple and affordable hardware platform
  • Advanced specimen logistics module easily manages the movement of specimens


  • A centralised, highly scalable LIS that supports a large number of concurrent users and several hundred interfaces, delivering workflow support to major lab departments
  • Streamlines the flow of information within and between laboratories
  • A modern, easy to use and configure system, versus legacy information systems
  • Simplified and centralised multi-lab management for standardisation of processes and people
  • The ideal platform for regional consolidation
  • Sysmex has proven market experience and a track record of customer partnership – 3 decades of experience in delivering large-scale LIS implementations

**Delphic LIS is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**