Specimen Tracking

Delphic AP Single Piece Workflow

Single Piece Workflow is the optional specimen tracking module of the Delphic AP solution that allows your lab to move from batch based handling of histopathology specimens to individual case processing. Fully integrated with the Delphic AP LIS, Single Piece Workflow ensures your lab has systems in place to reduce lab error, improve quality and efficiency, and provide complete traceability.

Supporting your lab’s compliance with histology lab accreditation requirements and recommendations, Delphic AP Single Piece Workflow provides assurance that your lab can track every step and action throughout the processing of a patient specimen.

Delphic AP Single Piece Workflow improves the accuracy of multi-step specimen handling and labelling and simplifies user interaction with:

  • Unique identification of all items belonging to a case
  • Individual request processing
  • Barcode driven workflow
  • Just-in-time cassette and slide label printing
  • Standardised pathology processing through predefined operations and procedures
  • Adaptable lab bench configuration with touchscreen and instrument interfacing

And supports the future histopathology laboratory with a lean, automated workflow:

  • Completely paperless pathology lab operations
  • Full specimen tracking and traceability
  • Interface to any auto stainer or cassette and slide printer

With Delphic AP Single Piece Workflow you can prevent specimen and label mix-ups, minimise the potential for accidental specimen transposition and improve patient safety.

For more about Delphic AP Single Piece Workflow, download the brochure.

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*Minimum requirement, Delphic AP v9.*
**Delphic is not a medical product as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**