Pathology reporting can be extremely complex, must meet high-standards and comply with various regulatory obligations. Delphic AP delivers the means for pathologists to easily create high quality, precise reports that can be emailed, faxed or mailed to the required multiple distribution points.

Automatic capture of information

To assist with the creation of pathologist reports, Delphic AP accepts the automatic capture of information through the use of voice recognition and digital dictation technologies; comprehensive text editing tools and complete image and diagram management; AP imaging integration, clinical images and request form images (stored in PACS or Delphic AP reporting database).

Compatibility with digital pathology systems

Delphic AP can be interfaced to the laboratory’s digital pathology system, enabling context synchronisation for the review of images and case reporting. When the pathologist opens a request in Delphic AP, the corresponding slide images are automatically displayed on a second screen, saving time searching for images and eliminating the potential for slide matching errors.

Advanced coding features

Pathologists can use advanced coding features when creating reports in Delphic AP improving data quality, report turnaround time and overall report comprehension. This standardising of pathology reports means they are easier to decipher, improving communication among healthcare providers and facilitating decision-making for treatment. Discrete data elements can also be made available for data extraction and statistical analysis by labs and cancer registries (quality management, research, trends and patterns, etc.)

  • Automatic SNOMED identification
  • Bethesda and ICD coding support
  • Structured/Synoptic reporting (RCPA, CAP)
  • Local and internationally recognised reporting protocols

Reporting Support Tools

  • Seamless access to the EMR and core LIS for previous result access and test ordering
  • Manage and order retrospective review on patient work get a full patient history and review slides / useful for quality control purposes
  • Refer work and reports for review or to an external laboratory (fully audited)
  • Improved clarity and completeness in pathology reports
  • Built-in check of reports to ensure they are error-free and there is no outstanding lab work processing
  • Pathology signoff of electronic reports once returned from secretarial team/transcriptionist

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**Delphic AP is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**