Laboratory Management

Connect with Clinicians and Clients

  • Electronic ordering module, integrated with GP PMS
  • Ability to capture clinical images, for example skin biopsy at time of request
  • Secure online/mobile device (iOS and Android) access to reports

Streamlined Operations

Delphic AP’s integrated billing module allows you to maximise reimbursements and make the claiming process easier. The multiple electronic and paper-based report options let you meet the reporting needs of your clients, as well as government requirements, delivering patient reports to the right location and in the right format.

  • Compliant with Australian requirements for billing and online claiming
  • HL7 delivery to the core LIS, clinical data repositories (CDR), electronic medical records (EMR), GP practice management systems (PMS)
  • Reporting to cancer registries
  • Email, fax and print delivery

Tissue Management

Delphic AP’s Tissue Management module helps anatomical pathology labs to respect patient rights and family request for handling patient tissues and body parts. The module manages the storage, disposal and return of human tissue and body parts following the completion of laboratory work. It also permits laboratory staff to automate the creation of “return to patient” letters to complement this process.

Management Reporting

All Delphic AP data is seamlessly integrated from the Domino server to a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is the Delphic AP Management Reporting database. This means you get the best of both worlds – the flexibility of a Notes platform and the benefits of a relational database. Data extracts can be efficiently managed and help with the availability of statistical information for the creation of laboratory management reports to meet compliance and reporting standards.

  • RDBMS (Oracle 11g or SQL Server)
  • Data from Delphic AP (patient demographics; test orders; processing and results) is exported into the Data Warehouse

Business and Service Improvement

  • High system availability through reliable, robust, system access
  • Ease of use with intuitive navigation, rapid familiarisation and extensive on-line help
  • Full automation enabling rapid processing of lab work
  • Maximise effectiveness of staff workloads through improved workflow
  • Reduce facility overheads
  • Increase quality of care via accurate report delivery and decreased report turnaround times for rapid patient diagnosis

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**Delphic AP is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**