Histopathology Workflow


End-to-end pathology workflow management


The multiple Delphic AP specimen receipt options let you simplify and safeguard the registration process. Registrations can be created on receipt of a HL7 order from a 3rd party system, or LIS or manually entered via intuitive, guided data entry fields. Request form scanning can be utilised so lab staff can quickly refer to the initial request at any point in the lab and reporting process.


Delphic AP lets you choose the lean workflow that will improve staff efficiency and level of automation best suited to your laboratory. Many labs today are moving toward a more refined lab process flow like Delphic AP which has been designed around the principles of Lean/Six Sigma to standardise specimen processing and to prevent accidental specimen and label mix-ups.

  • Barcode driven workflow
  • Just-in-time cassette and slide label printing
  • Standardised pathology processing through predefined operations and procedures
  • Voice recognition and digital dictation compatibility
  • Dual screen for request form imaging
  • Completely paperless pathology lab operations
  • Full specimen tracking and traceability
  • Interfaces to any auto stainer or cassette and slide printer

Reporting and Sign-off

Upon completion of lab work, a patient case is issued to the Pathologist for reporting. Delphic AP provides pathologists with the information and reporting tools so they can create professional reports for the best possible diagnosis for each patient case. The Secretary Office area in Delphic AP helps staff in the management of transcription, report printing and the delivery of reports to the various paper-based and electronic distribution channels. Ensuring your pathology service can meet the multiple reporting needs of your clients, as well as government requirements, and delivering patient reports to the right location and in the right format.

Activity and Specimen Tracking

Every stage of the pathology workflow in Delphic AP can be tracked. You can view and access work assigned to an area, a role, or an individual, at any time. This visibility of specimen handling and staff activity fosters more flexible lab management and simplifies the complexities of multi-step lab processing.

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**Delphic AP is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**