Product Forum

The Sysmex Product Ideas Forum is a portal that registered customers can use to log and view ideas for enhancements to Sysmex products.

As well as submitting their own ideas, contributors can vote and comment on suggestions submitted by Sysmex or other customers. It is an open, social tool, so contributors can see who submitted the ideas and what comments have been made.

Sysmex will use the information received to categorise, assess and prioritise feasible ideas for our product development roadmaps.

Ideas submitted are grouped by product, then categorised into functional areas. For example:

Product = Eclair; category topic = Orders, or

Product = Delphic AP; category topic = Digital Pathology.

Ideas submitted to the forum appear in the following format:

If you would like access to the portal, please email Deborah Steele.

Once you are registered you can access the portal via this link anytime:

Launch Sysmex Product Ideas Forum 

Please note that this tool is supplementary to the current customer support system. Its purpose is not for management of product issues or problems (DCFs). Suggestions for product enhancements submitted via the customer support desk will be now be fed into the product ideas forum to share with other users.