Health IT Product Management

Key aspects to successful product management are the accurate identification of solutions that can benefit the market and the correct prioritisation of future product development. At Sysmex, we encourage open communication with our customers through a variety of channels, including our product forum and product workshops, to ensure we understand what they do and what they need. Our collaborative approach to product management not only takes into account customer needs, but also other influencing factors such as market demand and new industry initiatives.

Sysmex product life cycle

The Sysmex health IT product portfolio – Delphic AP, Delphic LIS, Eclair, Delphic Micro and Delphic Haematology – undergo a major version release every one to three years. Preceding product versions and components of these products successively move through the product life cycle.

Full Support
Each newly released version of a product is provided with full product support. This includes enhancements and problem fixes. Customers can request and negotiate specific customisations with Sysmex New Zealand or its Distributor.

Once a new version of a product has been released, the previous released version is declassified and is no longer available for installation at new customer sites. Declassified versions are supported for a period of 1.5 years from the time they were declassified. However, support is limited to problem fixes and any enhancements necessary to meet regulatory requirements (or at the discretion of Sysmex NZ R&D).

Limited Support
After the declassified period has expired, support continues for a further 1.5 years but is limited to problem fixes only. No enhancements of the product are made. If it’s not possible to fix a problem in the current version but a fix is available in an updated version, the customer is required to upgrade to the next version to gain the fix.

End of Life
After three years the declassified version is deemed to have reached its end of life (EOL). No more problem fixes will be supplied and further support for the version cannot be guaranteed.

Sysmex Product Version Control