Research Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry (FCM) has developed to become an integral part of every immunological research laboratory. Flow Cytometry allows scientists to dissect biology and better understand the mechanisms, redundancies and intricacies of the systems they study at a whole population or single cell level. Advancements in computing power, laser technology, microfluidics and electronics has led to the development of smaller, faster and more powerful instruments allowing scientists to delve further behind the curtain than ever before. 

Sysmex Australia has partnered with Sony Biotechnology to bring their RUO flow cytometers within reach of the Australian and New Zealand research communities. The class leading technology in the 7-laser ID7000 spectral cytometer and powerful specifications of the MA900 highspeed cell sorter will propel your research to the next level while you’ll have peace of mind knowing the technology behind the covers is world class.

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