Eclair Touch

Developed to meet the growing need for mobility within healthcare, Eclair Touch offers clinicians relevant patient information at the point-of-care or on the move and assists with the delivery of patient care across the continuum of clinical services.

Core functionality includes:

  • Secure mobile access to patient records, such as laboratory results, including tabular cumulative review; pathology reports; radiology reports; medications dispensed; encounter information; clinical documents (where available in your CDR)
  • Dashboard lists displaying a summary of diagnostic reports assigned to you for review and signoff
  • Tools to support collaboration and follow-up, such as messages and tasks management and bookmarks.

Eclair Touch


It is essential that your clinical staff get the support they need to carry out their day-to-day activities and to ensure they can deliver effective and efficient patient care, quickly and accurately. The Eclair Touch portfolio has been specifically developed to support the clinical workflow by providing access to relevant patient and clinical information anytime, anywhere. To answer the increasing demand for mobility by clinicians, the Eclair Touch portfolio is expanding to incorporate new applications and the inclusion of further core Eclair functionality*.

Eclair Touch Collection App
The Eclair Touch Collection app is a dedicated collection management application which enables accurate patient identification and on demand label printing at the point of collect. Designed to eliminate the possibility of pre-analytical errors, the Eclair Touch Collection app can:

  • Scan and detect the phlebotomist
  • Scan wrist bands and correctly identify patients
  • Extract collection requirements and specimen types from the Eclair eOrder
  • Print accurate barcode labels identifying the patient and required specimens; at the bedside
  • Support easy rescheduling of collections that have been missed during the ward round; dynamically updating worklists assigned to the phlebotomist

Eclair Collection Management

*Eclair Touch Orders currently under development

**Eclair Touch operates on iOS and Android. No patient information is stored on the device except a temporary cache. User access is authenticated in the same way as it is to the Eclair core system. A full audit trail of all access and actions is also recorded.**

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***Eclair is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.***