Growth Charts

Healthcare providers such as paediatricians, physiologists, dieticians, midwives and neonatal nurse specialists frequently need to record growth data for their patients, so they can monitor development and manage intervention appropriately.

Eclair’s eGrowth Chart module allows patient growth data to be recorded electronically and compared against recognised WHO standards, offering a number of advantages over paper-based charts:

  • automatic calculations of BMI, height velocity and gestational age corrections for premature infants, as well as conversion to z-Scores
  • easy conversion to PDF format for sharing with patients or other healthcare providers
  • a complete, continuous record of growth from 24 weeks’ gestation to 20 years.

eGrowth Charts are stored in the Eclair clinical data repository as part of a patient’s permanent electronic medical record, contributing to an overall clinical picture.



Eclair eGrowth Charts

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**Eclair is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**