Closed Loop Diagnostics

Patient safety is at the heart of this solution, designed to ensure the accurate ordering of diagnostic tests and procedures, and timely report delivery to the right clinical teams.  It replaces traditional paper-based management of diagnostic requests and reporting.

Each of the components of the Eclair solution have been designed so hospitals and healthcare organisations can adopt a closed loop solution into their workflow using a staged approach.

Eclair’s eOrders module manages the electronic referral and requesting of diagnostic tests, such as laboratory and radiology procedures as well as transfusion medicine services. Clinicians enter orders in Eclair following intuitive, guided fields on the order form, creating accurate and complete orders. Easy access to previous patient results and the status of any current requests provides valuable decision support. Patient and requestor details are entered automatically via an HIS / ADT interface, so that results are reported back to the right clinical team.

Eclair Collection*

Eclair’s Collection module provides total management of the specimen collection process for lab tests, including collection requirements, phlebotomy lists, and support for partial collects.

Eclair Triaging

HL7 orders are automatically received into the service provider’s system. Eclair’s Triaging module allows the service provider to easily assess and prioritise referrals based on department guidelines and full supporting information captured with the request.

Eclair Results*

Results are directly reported back to Eclair via HL7 from the service provider as soon as they are available, and queued to the responsible clinician / team for review. Clinicians use the Eclair Dashboard to review reports and access results management tools to cumulate results, graph trends, view images, add notes or refer to reference material.

Eclair Sign-off*

Clinicians sign-off diagnostic reports awaiting their attention via the Eclair Dashboard. They can also refer or re-assign reports to another user, or use the out-of-office tool to manage report sign-offs in the event of absence.

Eclair Escalation*

Reports that remain unaccepted are automatically escalated to another clinician’s Dashboard for sign-off, to ensure timely review of all patient results. Rules are used to determine and manage the escalation pathway.

*Mobile option available.


Eclair eRequests Eclair Dashboard

Case Study

Auckland City Hospital radiology orders and reporting – In 2010 Auckland City Hospital transitioned to electronic ordering for all radiology procedures.

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**Eclair is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**