Order entry / request management

Electronic: The clinician order entry module captures all essential information assets for the request (integrated with Delphic LIS or from third party system). On arrival at your lab, specimens and orders are acknowledged and move to processing and analysis. Electronic order entry enables decision support for clinicians including patient test result access at point of order, reducing unnecessary testing, while labs benefit from reduced manual entry which removes potential error and improves processing time.

Manual: Intuitive, keyboard or mouse driven registration module for paper-based requests. Scanned forms are easily stored, managed and accessed ensuring immediate retrieval of documents for cross-reference checking.

Sample collection management

Delphic optimises specimen collection and processing through lists, collection instructions and label creation and printing, helping to ensure accurate sample management.

Test referral manager

Specimen movement and logistics within and between laboratory organisations is streamlined in Delphic, benefiting multi-site labs and labs that send away or receive referral tests.

Specimen tracking

A specimen can be traced at any time during its processing as it progresses through the lab. The ability to identify exactly where your specimens are in the lab, e.g. on analyser, at reporting, storage etc. helps to improve workflow and turnaround times.