Results reporting

Many labs now send reports electronically to clinicians. Delphic communicates with secure messaging delivery providers as well as direct interfaces to electronic medical records, clinical data epositories, national registries and primary care systems, e.g. GP PMS.

Paper reporting delivery methods in Delphic include advanced fax control and print management. Rules define the delivery of reports to end-users as well as notifications such as urgent reports and clinically significant results.

Your laboratory can offer clinicians secure web access to their patients’ records via PC, portal, tablet or mobile phone, allowing clinicians to view their results and place orders for new or additional test requests in the one central place, completing the pathology test-> request-> report cycle. Graphing of lab results, cumulative results, coloured indicators and result flags as well as interpretive comments are all features of the advanced report presentation.

Results enquiry / call centre

Delphic’s call centre module is a central point where your lab call centre staff can respond to requests for test results, test amendments, faxed reports and reports to be sent to additional doctors. The module is simple to use and assists your lab in offering superior customer service.

Specimen storage

A comprehensive specimen storage module organises the storage of specimens in lab refrigeration by assigning rack and location numbers, for easy management of your lab’s work.