Delphic Microbiology WAM

Effective microbiology management

Delphic Micro has been designed to emulate and manage the microbiology work area, ensuring a paperless and streamlined flow of information through the laboratory. sqr_micro

Delphic Micro uses a browser-based environment and is fully integrated with the Delphic LIS, easily accessed as a module of the Delphic web portal or Delphic Explorer.

The major benefits of Delphic Micro include elimination of transcription errors, improved workflow efficiency and reduced turnaround times.

Advanced functionality for the microbiologist

Delphic Micro’s advanced functionality ensures flexibility and faster data entry and provides the microbiologist with all the tools they need for the routine workload in the lab.

Functionality includes:

  • daily workload management
  • drop-down lists and hot key tools
  • automatic decoding of organism codes
  • online interfacing to most microbiology analysers
  • straight forward results validation and reporting
  • flexible configuration of user-defined dictionaries
  • improves the competitive edge of the laboratory

Advantages for the administrator:

Delphic Micro users existing database tables simplifying setup and support. The Delphic LIS continues the management of registration, reporting and billing.

Delphic Micro features a user-configurable administration area and some aspects of Delphic Micro can be customised to suit specific requirements. Audit trails and system logs record all user activity.

Delphic Micro saves time and simplifies data management – microbiologists can quickly and easily record observations; add tests as needed; print sample, media and slide labels; create reports; and approve results.

**Delphic Microbiology is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**