Delphic Haematology WAM

Intelligent, efficient work area management

Delphic Haematology is a work area manager (WAM) or middleware designed specifically for the management of the routine haematology work area.

By streamlining the workflow and automating the release of normal results, Delphic Haematology can greatly improve efficiency in the laboratory.

Proven advantages

Delphic Haematology offers proven advantages for the haematology staff and the laboratory including:

  • intuitive user interface is easy to use ensuring rapid familiarisation and training
  • paperless workflow, eliminates transcription errors ensuring better patient care
  • streamlined and accelerated information flow reduces reporting turnaround times
  • increased productivity in the routine haematology area provides the opportunity to expand lab work into new emerging areas
  • enhanced flexibility through the ability to build laboratory specific rules and customise settings
  • Improved workflow management decreasing operating overheads

How it works

Delphic Haematology middleware is interfaced to analysers and the Laboratory Information System (LIS), receiving information and applying rules to all specimens and their results. This allows the full control of sample testing – auto-release of normal results, technical and medical validation, automatic repeat and reflex testing plus slide making and review.

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**Delphic Haematology is not a medical device as it does not have a therapeutic purpose.**