Analysis & Processing

The analytic phase is continually advancing as changes in technology and clinical laboratory science develop. Delphic guides lab staff in the provision of high-quality and clinically appropriate results.


Delphic interfaces with automation lines, specimen handling, point of care and analytic instrumentation and software (middleware) for streamlined processing of all requests. Delphic is responsive to changes in interfacing demands, supporting increasingly complex instrument interfaces, and growth in automation in your laboratory.

The interfaces seamlessly direct testing to the appropriate instrument depending on workload. They also provide for the management of specimen recall, repeat testing, dilutions, reflex testing, test add, plus test analyte results and comments.

Quality control

Delphic’s fully integrated QC functionality assures the accuracy and reliability of each analytical result produced by the laboratory, meeting accreditation requirements. Features include QC result capture from analyser; Westgard rules flagging; graphing and daily means calculation. Integration with third party QC products is also supported.

Result entry and validation Different levels of authorisation in Delphic allow the manual release of results depending on user permissions. Auto-validation and release of results is configurable using rules set per test and test group.

Delphic provides expert decision support on all results through temporal delta checks, result comparison, specimen interference, e.g. haemolysis, icterus. Interpretive comments are added to reports based on previous results and patient related data. Configurable worklists facilitate batch processing and resulting